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 Edit  Delete Ukrainianвересня / *September [genitive, noun]Yes1/1280 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianзнаменитих / *famous [adjective, genitive, plural]Yes1/1230 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianзовнішньополітичної / *foreign-policy-related [adjective, genitive]Yes1/1250 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianзразків / *specimen, sample [genitive, noun, plural]Yes1/1230 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianкозацтва / *cossackry [genitive, noun]Yes1/1260 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianмужнього / *manly [adjective, genitive]Yes1/1250 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianнагоди / *opportunity [genitive, noun]Yes1/1240 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianнайвизначніших / *most prominent [adjective, genitive, plural]Yes1/1240 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianоднойменної / *of the same name [adjective, genitive]Yes1/1240 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianордена / *order (as in organization, order of the garter etc.) [genitive, noun]Yes1/1280 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianподільської / *of or relating to Podilia [adjective, genitive]Yes1/1250 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianредакції / *editoral board, editorial offices [genitive, noun]Yes1/1250 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianступеня / *degree, rank [genitive, noun]Yes1/1280 Test today!
 Edit  Delete Ukrainianчервня / *June [genitive, noun]Yes1/1250 Test today!